In this episode we move from the theoretical to the practical, to the process of working with your Yeses. I reveal the fast-track approach to creating alignment between your true self, and your most brilliant life. 

In this episode we trace the root of why your Yeses matter, and matter to your boundary-making. We tap your aliveness to guide you to a truer alignment with yourself.

In this episode we look at the primal boundary which gives rise to all the others, and in fact defines who you are. And, we dive into the most exciting part of making boundaries, our Yeses, where our hopes and desires lie.

In this episode we turn our internal boundaries loose to combat boundary invasions that happen all day long. Learn how you can maintain your cool and refuse the negative emotional dance.

In this Episode I unmask the second agent provocateur who would sabotage your internal boundaries, laying waste to your internal self defense system. And because we're working in the invisible realm of internal boundaries, I introduce some odd characters to help us out!

In this Episode I reveal the first agent provocateur who stands ready to breach your internal boundary defenses. I discuss where he came from, and how to defeat him in your quest for stronger internal boundaries.

In this episode we break new ground by beginning our discussion of internal boundaries. We discuss the "mother" of all internal boundaries, and how using it will make you the Jedi Master of invisible take-downs.

In this, our final episode in our breakout series on creating better boundaries, I address how to craft a better boundary using the data from your boundary practice. 

In this episode we take action! Having set the stage for safety and success, we go live with our boundary making, and discover how the attitude of a scientist is key to making boundaries with ease and impact.

In this episode I look at the last element of setting the stage to create real change. We learn how to work within a success framework, not only to achieve, but to gather the knowledge needed for continued growth.

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